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Furthermore, to attain the SELECT ShingleMaster™ designation we must maintain a customer satisfaction rating of 4 or higher, have all applicable insurance, abide by CertainTeed’s code of ethics, and engage in continuing. Quickly and easily share our web pages branded with your logo and contact information. Where the roof slope exceeds 20 units vertical in 12 units horizontal (167 percent slope), special methods of fastening are required. shingle technology manual Location of This Business 1225 Westridge Drive, Washington, MO 63090 Email this Business.

This will help determine how the shingles will lay on the roof width. Use 4 nails per shingle and 6 nails on the prevailing windward sides of the roof, as wind resistance nailing. These videos are intended to accompany the Shingle Applicator&39;s Manual as a traini.

Measure the length of a shingle as it lies across the roof. Shingle Applicator’s Manual We Never Stop Improving More Ways to Learn The CertainTeed Shingle Applicator’s Manualis printed in English or Spanish, and the companion DVD is also available in English or Spanish. When sheathing thicker than 15/32" is used under fiber glass-type shingles, shingle underlayment is not required for a UL Class A fire rating. · Butt a full shingle up against the cut shingle and nail into place. What is the roofing shingle app? Landmark IR is impact resistant and is specially manufactured with a polyester mat to meet UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistance. Shingle underlayment should meet ASTM D6757, ASTM D4869 Type I or ASTM D226 Type I (except when applying LandMark TL or Presidential® TL Shake shingles.

) APA sheathing is at least 3/8" thick but less than 15/32". Today, many roofing shingles carry an independently tested impact-resistance rating, allowing homeowners to potentially receive a reduction in the cost of their home insurance policy. Sometimes, innovations in asphalt shingle manufacturing have come about because of outside factors. Please log in now if you have a valid account. Shingle & Gibb Automation Moorestown West Corporate Center 845 Lancer Drive Moorestown, NJToll FreeLocalFax. The program utilizes the Shingle Technology Manual and provides information about how the design of a high quality asphalt shingle results in better performance, and how to offer customers good, better and best options. GAF is happy to share our website content with you through our free media sharing service. If your roof&39;s width is not an even multiple of the shingle&39;s length, you will have a partial piece shingle technology manual on one end of each row.

Specially formulated, wide adhesive bands help keep shingle layers laminated together. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For normal application, asphalt shingles shall be secured to the roof with not less than four fasteners per strip shingle or two fasteners per individual shingle. 1981 Honda Repair Manual. Shingles 11th Edition Manual CertainTeed Shingle Applicator’s Manual Landmark Series 12 This video is taken from our Shingle Applicator&39;s Manual 11th Edition DVD.

The Shingle Applicator’s Manual(SAM) provides technical education in every aspect of shingle installation techniques. emojuhi 15324 Shingle Technology Manual: Section under the subsequent shingle cut-offs in an installation of the installation. Shingle underlayment should meet ASTM D6757, ASTM D4869 Type I or ASTM D226 Type I (except when applying LandMark TL or Presidential TL Shake shingles. These videos are intended to accompany the Shingle Applicator&39;s Manual as a training aid, not replace it. How fastening is asphalt shingles? How thick should starter shingle be?

4 centimeters) in length. Created Date: 1:14:52 PM. Most asphalt shingles are 3 feet (91.

CERTAINTEED SHINGLE APPLICATOR’ S MANUAL Chaptertwo layers of 36" (915 mm) wide felt shingle underlayment lapped 19" (485 mm). Our enhanced Tru-Bond®‡ 10 Years sealant grips tightly to the engineered fabric nailing strip on the shingle below. Certainteed Shingle Technology Manual: A Complete and Detailed Discussion of Asphalt Shingle Product Quality CertainTeed Corp on Amazon. CERTAINTEED SHINGLE APPLICATOR’ S MANUAL ChapterND THROUGH 6TH COURSES: 1. Excellent Adhesion. To gain access to this site, you must have a valid account. Gain a better understanding of shingle quality, design, warranties and the manufacturing process by reading the Shingle Technology Manual and taking the Shingle Quality Specialist test. Leave the 5" tabs of the first-course shingle exposed (Figure 12-8).

Excellent Adhesive Power. Apply immediately, one 1 inch diameter spot of asphalt roof cement under each shingle tab. Center asphalt roof cement 2 inches up from bottom edge of shingle tab.

CertainTeed Shingle Applicator&39;s Manual Video 14 - Presidential Shake shingles In this installment of CertainTeed’s video supplement to its Master Shingle Applicator’s Manual, viewers will learn important product information and approved application methods for its popular Presidential Shake® asphalt shingles. The Roofing Shingle Applicator’s Manual app is a complementary tool to the popular CertainTeed SAM, which is the industry’s most comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to steep-slope roofing installation. Learn more about becoming a Shingle Quality Specialist. Asphalt shingle installation: This article discusses best roofing practices for the installation of asphalt roof shingles, including installation temperature, shingle sealing methods, shingle course offsets, shingle technology manual asphalt shingle nailing location and specifications, low slope and steep slope limits for asphalt shingles, and roof flashing at building eaves and around skylights. Download ARMA&39;s technical bulletins for information on common roofing maintenance topics, such as coating asphalt shingles and cold weather recommendations for built up roofing.

54 KB Drip Edge Installation Technical Bulletin PDF | 1. 60Chapter 6CERTAINTEED SHINGLE APPLICATOR’ S MANUAL FLASHING AGAINST A SIDEWALL There are three things to keep in mind when installing flashing. ) COLD WEATHER CLIMATES (ALL SLOPES): Applying WinterGuard. The Roofing Shingle Applicator’s Manual app is a complementary tool to the popular CertainTeed SAM, which is the industry’s most comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to steep-slope roofing installation. CERTAINTEED SHINGLE APPLICATOR’ S MANUAL Chapterin areas not prone to snow or ice, two layers of 36" (915 mm) wide felt shingle underlayment lapped 19” (485 mm). Shingle Technology Manual test, 10th Edition | CertainTeed.

shingle technology manual This video is taken from our Shingle Applicator&39;s Manual 11th Edition DVD. Cut 6" off the left side of a shingle and install this 30" piece over and above the first-course shingle, in line with the left edge of the starter course. Set yourself apart from the competition – learn about the latest roofing products, sales strategies and shingle installation guidelines. To become a Shingle Quality Specialist, the estimator must pass a test based on CertainTeed’s Shingle Technology Manual. · Some of the best sources of information on comp shingles I’ve found are the Shingle Applicator’s Manual and Shingle Technology Manual, both available for free from CertainTeed. · The Shingle Technology Manual test is a challenging series of questions on current manufacturing Some of the best sources of information on comp shingles I’ve found are t Tagged: manual Shingle technology You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

Landmark ® shingles. Asphalt Shingle Buckling Technical Bulletin PDF | 487. LANDMARK SERIES Landmark shingles have the installer-friendly NailTrak® feature, which provides 11⁄2" wide nailing area and specially formulated Quadra-Bond laminating adhesive (See Figure 12-3).

TheShingle Technology Manualdescribes in extensive detail the composition and design of high-quality shingles and how to sell them. Maximum exposure limits for roofs - Shingles 140mm Shakes 190mm Working out your quantities Determine ground area of the building including overhangs in m2. CertainTeed offers the industry’s strongest professional trade knowledge through the Shingle Technology Manual and Shingle Applicator’s Manual. Place the glue strip at and all along the drip edge, and the rake edges as well. Think Wealthy with Mike Adams Recommended for you. It features application instructions for all CertainTeed shingle products as well as important guidelines for workmanship. Are you the business owner of Shingle Tech? REQUIRED: For slopes exceeding 60 degrees or 21 inches per foot, use 6 fasteners and 4 spots of asphalt roof cement per shingle.

. You will shingle over this starter course, so the bottom course will be double thickness. Repeat this basic pattern, alternating shingles across the roof, working toward the right side, using the chalk. To prepare the tabs and lay the starter course, shorten the first starter shingle by 6 inches (or about a half of one tab). the SureNail® Technology fastening area. the common bond of the shingle laminate layers that offers excellent fastener holding power. shingles when plywood or non-veneer (OSB, WB, etc. One or more company employees have earned the Shingle Quality Specialist™ designation after passing a test on the CertainTeed Shingle Technology Manual, which proves their knowledgeof shingle products, quality standards and satisfying customer objectives.

WATER-RESISTANT UNDERLAYMENTS. Shingle Quality Specialist™ Asphalt Shingles To earn the title of Shingle Quality Specialist™, one must pass the CertainTeed Shingle Technology Manual test which includes questions on current manufacturing technology and related subjects, discussing complex shingle technology and quality. com on Novem by guest Gcse Jan Ph1 Wjec Paper - ops01. What is the length of an asphalt shingle? Contractor will not purchase 5 fewer squares, but will install fewer shingles due to larger shingle size, resulting in time savings. Claim your listing.

Information from the CertainTeed Shingle Applicator ‘s Manual provides instruction to MSAs, making them some of the most knowledgeable roofing installers in the industry. certainteed-shingles-11th-edition-manual 2/5 Downloaded from calendar. . Comparison based on 40-square job: Average 21 shingles/bundle of other leading shingle brands. First, don’t fasten the cap flashing to the roof deck or to the step flashing, since they are meant to move independently of each other to accommo- date any structural movement. Master Shingle Applicator™ Training program for shingle roofing installers. Shingle Technology Manual app is an authentic, shingle samples and third courses are getting the second course. The minimum recommended pitch for Shake roofs is 1:3 or18 degrees and 1:4 or 14 degrees for Shingle roofs.

Exposure Exposure is the amount of each Shingle or Shake left uncovered. 07 KB Racked Installation w_Strip (3-Tab) Asphalt Shingles Technical Bulletin PDF | 489. 320 shingles is the equivalent of 5 squares of material.

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