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I also wound up having to remove the Tyga can to facilitate getting the shock in. · They&39;re like a new stock shock, spring preload only adjustment. Got them fairly cheap from the guy who did the two rebuilds.

YSS Duo Rear Shock Adj RD222-335P-02-X Honda CB 750 F Supersportout of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - YSS Duo Rear Shock Adj RD222-335P-02-X Honda CB 750 F Supersport. FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS SUIVEZ TOUTES LES INSTRUCTIONS Instructions pertaining to a risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to a person Read Instructions: The Owner’s Manual should be read and understood before operation of. hahahah (so i have to rely more on our stock shocks) but maybe if 1 rider below 110kg it can. YSS gas shock :clap: R. A tag with a code is also something that an original G-shock includes. · YSS Rear ShockNinja 250R Tech Talk ninjette. in my research i came across these RFY shocks which they have a 320mm which looks like it should bolt onto my ATV.

The genuine G-Shock comes with a comprehensive instruction manual and many details about the watch. Notes on the User’s Manual • This user’s manual should be readily accessible to the end users so it can be referred to easily. My “new to me” zr7 came with a YSS MZ506-320TR rear shock. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL.

the original shocks didnt work worth a shit for me. I bought a high mileage K6 GSXR1000 in the fall to convert to a track bike to replace my trusty old ZX7 & one of the main items I want to upgrade or replace initially is the OEM rear shock & have the forks stripped & rebuilt. Re: YSS Shocks That&39;s a fairly common type of failure, used to happen on older twin shock stuff a lot.

· The tag& manual; A fake G-Shock is going to come a user manual, but the reality that it’s half written in Chinese is one sign that you’re not buying an original G-Shock. · A few years ago a guy on the Triumph. 53 New YSS Mono Shock Absorber Adjustable for BMW R 1100 Cast Wheel Did YSS use Ohlins? Threaded preload adjustment,and user friendly click system rebound adjustment. It shows how to adjust the YSS DTG shocks. Job done for as cheap as you&39;ll reasonably get.

Is YSS monoshock adjustable? i would say 0 is a decent price in the US. not sure if i would say harder. half ton Ave yer gotta light Buh.

What is YSS suspension? · nice! SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). It seems that with this beautiful new set of professionally built shocks set up for my weight and riding style the bike STAYS committed and stable while taking corners at speed, DOES NOT buck me off the seat when I am under hard throttle on rippled or bumpy road surfaces and has completely. · Currently in Thailand and doing a search too have my YSS shock rebuilt. *There are cases that it yss z-series shock user manual is not mountable to a vehicle that have yss z-series shock user manual been customized the swingarm and etc.

In Oz, Ikon are cheaper than the YSS Z&39;s. Install in reverse order. 00 (per Pair - 330mm) RD222-P Click to enlarge YSS NOTE: Overseas Shipping by Air Mail - Australia incl. Adjustable 330mm model specific fitment. We changed to SingleRateRed spring and semiOrdered it in 360-370mm Long Size. Then there&39;s the top $ Wilbers, YSS & Ohlins & probably others. A little stiff mine you but feel very firm on the road.

The bush sticks to the bolt and rotates in the rubber eye rather than rotating round the shank of the bolts, usually because the grease is long gone. · The stock shocks are not rebuild-able and are 12 1/2″ eye to which is quite small for a performance ATV which means that finding replacements is impossible without heavy modifications or spending 600$+ on worx or another name brand. rat forum worked with YSS to develop a range of shocks for Triumph bikes - might be worth a look on there?

The adjustment range usually is +10 mm. Z-Series Z Series shocks are a high quality but affordable emulsion gas shock replacement for OE parts. Fully serviceable and self-adjusting. I’m not the lightest of guys but quickly realised the back end was too firm so started meddling with the settings of the shock. · YSS was the only company (way back when) I could buy an aftermarket shock for a motorcycle with nearly a 1 to 1 ratio of Shock to Swing Arm travel. Harrie has worked as a shock expert for international race teams and didn’t even look at the original Yamaha shock but started from scratch building a new one to his own spec.

They are available as either mono or twin shocks, for machines from the 1970s right up to modern superbikes. · YSS has just one aim: World Class Suspension! More Yss Z-series Shock User Manual videos.

. YSS Australia has been developing racing suspension for over 25 years and has a wealth of. eegai New Member. As you can see, the YSS monoshock is adjustable for pre-load like the original. • Read the information contained in this manual thoroughly before operating the product.

I spent considerable time in Oz with Walter Presig, an ex YSS partner in Thailand & a YSS agent in Oz. World class motorcycle racing suspension. Motorcycle Parts. YSS Europe is operated by a father and son team with experience in off-road racing dating back at least 30 years as well. A few weeks ago I noticed the bottom of my rear shock was wet. dont get caught up comparing to the price people are buying them for in thailand where they are made and most everything is cheaper.

Multiple spring rates in stock, shocks are built to your weight and loads. Ikon (Koni) & YSS Z series also have dampening adjustment. org >Ninja 250R >. YSS suspensions are one of the best alternatives to the original fitment for replacing shock absorbers. I had specified a manual operating rear preload adjuster for the shock, however a hydraulic option is available for more convenient and speedy adjustment of preload if. follow all intructions in this installation manual and any others The YSS shock can be length adjusted (depending upon model and length of shock chosen). The answer is YES. Fit and finish on the new shock can only be described as excellent, it&39;s well made and attractive.

Yes Many riders ask us if an YSS Shock upgrade is worth it. With So many Baby Boomers and X Generaton folks reliving theyre youths, (and restoring old motorcycles) there are several companies have stepped up to the plate, including Progessive, Penske and. They took my total weights and I had a shock in about a1 1/2 weeks. Length adjuster + or- 5mm included. YSS G-Plus: A High efficiency gas shock absorber that can adjust preload and length according to the user. Fine yss z-series shock user manual Thread Pre-Load Adjustment allowing you to set sag to the millimeter. YSS SPORTS LINE Rear Twin Shock Z Series Z366 I used it on ar. The adjustment isn&39;t notched like the OEM shock, so you can really dial it in for the weight you&39;re carrying and conditions.

It was a bit of a pain for me to shoulder the tail up while trying to install the shock and feed the bolts in without seeing. We are located in Adelaide, South Australia. Not necessarily so elsewhere. • The purpose of this user&39;s manual is not to warrant that the.

The belt adjustment was almost the limit of 370mm, I shaved off the bottom of front pulley cover. YSS Shocks - Free UK Delivery As the largest aftermarket manufacturer of motorcycle shock absorbers in the world, YSS have a product range that is unrivalled. The Ikon has less options that the YSS, but it might be an advantage to be less complex. · Here&39;s what the new YSSshock looks like compared to stock. YSS Rear Shock Adjustable Mz456-325trl-17-x Honda VT 1100 C2 Shadow Ace 1997 £285. I understood that YSS used to use the same parts supplier as Ohlins, so what you were getting was tops! yss shocks also have 215mm and 235mm available size. 00 per Pair Available Lengths: 260 mm, 270 mm, 280 mm, 290 mm, 300 z-series mm Type: Self Adjusting Gas Emulsion Shock Features: Pre-Load Adjustment, Rebound Adjustment 60 Clicks — Fork Fittings for Honda, Suzuki and all Scooters — Eyelets and Springrates Model specific or customised — (Included: Ride Height Adjuster (Length Adjuster +10 mm).

· Just wondering if anyone has any experience of using Wilbers, HyperPro or YSS shocks on their dedicated track bikes. Thought I,d have my original shock replaced as it had 70,000km on it before begining a long ride with a YSS, for a BMW R100R, GS size shock. I put a set of YSS shocks on my R65 when the Konis died after 2 rebuilds. You&39;d be better of spending on an aftermarket shock (best single overall improvement IMO) and then fit some emulators in the forks. YSS (YOUR SUSPENSION SOLUTION) was established in1989 with the purpose to service the Australian Motorcycle market with a new generation of shock absorbers that are affordable and continuously under development in partnership with Hyperpro and Promax Racing.

shock absorber instruction manual : คำแนะนำ / instruction instruction close cartridge kit yamaha yzf r6. I’ve wound down the preload around 10 turns which has helped but would like to know if anyone has the setup guide for this shock. WORLD CLASS MOTORCYCLE RACING SUSPENSION › › › › ›. yss high performance shock. 17 Hindi ba sayad sa aftermarket shocks using Mizzle tire 90/80 mga sirs? 0 from memory. USA Racing Suspension. The shock length can be adjusted to find the suitable ride height, and to change the handling characteristics of the front end.

· The standard shock causes issues with the stock front end. · A second pair of hands would have been helpful here, and during the installation of the YSS shock. Are YSS shocks worth it? Their designs are based on some very sound technology and their own in-house R&D facility has been proud to support a number of winning yss z-series shock user manual teams in motorcycle race championships worldwide. YSS Australia is also producing in Adelaide a wide range of twin shocks to suit the Australian market, namely the RD 222 and the 362 series at lowest price. · I recently ordered and received a pair of YSS shocks for my &39;72 R75/5 and am having a MAJOR problem. Z model Gas Emulsion Shock for Improved Performance.

NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. User Alert System provided by Advanced User Tagging. No puddle on floor but needed a new shock. The spring is also progressively wound. Their range covers many different models of twin and mono shock, with different specs to suit all budgets and applications. Fork spring rate is not the issue, it&39;s the lack of damping in both the shock and the fork.

It should be kept in a safe place. YSS suspension. . Z-302 TRL Twin — Gas Shock Absorber Price: 9.

A Works or Hagon overrated shock would take at least 3 to 6 weeks with an emphesis on 6 weeks so I contacted YSS. that is the same thing comes on my mind when i encounter yss shocks and see that you can adjust the bottom part. but my worry is can yss shock hold my weight and my wife&39;s weight. Walter has one of the largest collections of shock absorbers & springs in Oz & is a suspension genius.

Yss z-series shock user manual

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