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KNF micro diaphragm gas sampling pumps are extremely compact with patented technology that guarantees high performance. The company always sets new milestones in pump technologies such as the heated pumps in 1974, the stepper-motor-driven FEM series in 1998, the solenoid dosing pump FMM 20 in as well as NMP03, the smallest micro gas pump in the world. NF 60 water pump pdf manual download. CH-8362 Balterswil Tel:, Fax:. Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps N 940. An additional letter before the NF model code is a country-specific designation, with no technical relevance Contents page 1. Design Production Sales KNF Diaphragm pumps for conveying gases and liquids.

Wear is usually indicated by a drastic reduction in. Diaphragm Liquid Pumps. Datasheet Operating Manual KNF diaphragm gas pumps transfer or compress gases and vapors and generate a vacuum without contaminating the media. The N940 pumps also support tur-bomolecular systems as roughing pumps. KNF diaphragm gas pumps transfer or compress gases and vapors and generate vacuum without contaminating the media.

21: Servicing schedule KNF Flodos BA_SIMDOS10_EN_05_167721. Also for: Nf 60 dc, Nf 60 e, Nfb 60, Nf 60 dcb-b, Nf 60 dcb-4b, Nfb 60 dcb-4b, Nfb 60 dcb-b. Pumps for Gas Analysis, Emission Measurement, Industrial Processes. Solenoid Diaphragm Liquid pumps.

KNF Flodos BA_NF10_EN_05_069219 Operating and Installation Manual keep for future reference! 2 Maintenance plan 37 9. Double diaphragm pumps.

These pumps are often used in analytical instruments and medical technology. Traditional advantages of a diaphragm pump at the pulsation level compared to gear. They are capable of pumping highly aggressive gases without attack to the pump or contamination of the gas stream. pdf (0) Labconco User&39;s Manuals : Rotary Vane Pumps: Lanconco 117 & 195 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps. Datasheet Operating Manual Diaphragm Liquid pumps knf diaphragm pump manual combine maximum knf diaphragm pump manual performance with minimum size. KNF’s range of chemically resistant pumps is designed for aggressive gases and vapors and suitable for universal application.

KNF’s independence, solid structural organization and growth potential offer our employees an inspiring workplace and career opportunities in a positive, future-oriented atmosphere. DIAPHRAGM VAUUM PUMP. DC motors of variously rated voltages are available. 5 APE-W KNF Neuberger GmbH Alter Weg 3 D-79112 Freiburg Germany Tel. They also have an integrated valve function, which prevents uncontrolled flow of liquid in off-mode (NC-valve). There are many applications for the N940 series, please contact KNF for application advice. 18 water pump pdf manual download.

The KNF Neuberger N820. 5 APE Operating Instructions Read and observe these oper-ating instructions! 4: Diaphragm pump U 035.

3ANP Function diaphragm pump 1 Outlet valve 2 Inlet valve 3 Transfer chamber 4 Diaphragm 5 Eccentric 6 Connecting rod 7 Pump housing Fig. All pump types offer oil-free operation. Buy the New Neuberger KNF, N810FTP, N 810 FTP, N810 FTP, LABOPORT 10 l/min (0.

3 Digital output 36 8. 51” in the type designation along with the NSF-logo on the type plate. Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps N 012, N 024, N 036 Technical Data Translation of original Operating and Installation Instructions, english, KNF/20 7 4.

They transfer, compress and pump down without contamination. KNF&39;s N726FTP series of contamination-free diaphragm pumps feature solid PTFE heads combined with our exclusive PTFE coated molded diaphragm. KNF double diaphragm pumps offer a high level of performance and greatly enhance safety, especially when working with dangerous, rare and valuable gases. Take all care necessary to prevent this. Before pumping a medium, the compatibility of materials of pump head, diaphragm and valves with the medium must be checked (for pump materials: see section 10). docx Translation of original operating instructions, English. Manuals; Decontamination sheet; 3D CAD Models.

DIAPHRAGM LIQUID PUMP NF 10 Operating Instructions Read and observe these oper-ating instructions! DIAPHRAGM LIQUID PUMP. Flushing the pump If pumping aggressive media, KNF recommends flushing the pump with air under atmospheric conditions for several minutes prior to switch off (if necessary for safety reasons: use an inert gas). docx | Translation of original operating instructions, English 8.

/5909-0 Fax/5909-99 www. 16 Operation Translation of original Operating Instructions, English, knf KNF/16 7 For pumps with a thermal switch: When the operation of the pump is interrupted by the thermal switch, the pump will re-start automat-ically after cooling down. Liquid pumps with solenoid drive are a great choice if customers are looking for good controllability of the flow rate or even want to be able to deliver single strokes. The KNF transfer pumps combine maximum performance with minimum size.

18 Diaphragm Pump, 230V features a 100% oil-free transfer thereby pure transferring, evacuation, and compression of gases that is used in a wide range of laboratory applications. Diaphragm Gas Pumps and Compressors. 5: Pump head The pump transfers, compresses (depending on pump version) and evacuates gases and vapors. Created with Sketch. KNF reserves the right to make changes. A second diaphragm is located underneath the working diaphragm. 1,000 hours of Pump diaphragm, Specialist per- Replace pump diaphragm, valves operation valves and seal sonnel and seal Specialist per- as required Pump head Replace pump head sonnel Tab. Established in Germany in 1946, KNF has been an industry leader in diaphragm pumps for decades.

4 Cleaning knf diaphragm pump manual / replacing valve plates and pump diaphragm 39. 4 KNF Flodos | BA_LIQUIPORT_EN_12_153820. Cleaning and maintenance 37 9. The use of chemically resistant materials enables the pumps to convey virtually any type of liquid, whether neutral or corrosive. Neuberger KNF N940 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Users Manual.

Air Dimensions Incorporated has more than 60 years of combined experience in the development, engineering and production of precision gas sampling diaphragm pumps and compressors. View and Download KNF N860 translation of original operating and installation instructions online. KNF Neuberger GmbH Diaphragm Pumps + Systems Alter Weg 3 D-79112 Freiburg Tel. 18 original installation instructions online. DIAPHRAGM PUMPS WITH KNF STABILIZATION SYSTEM N940. View and Download KNF NF 60 operating and installation instructions online. Decontamination declaration KNF shall only undertake to repair the pump on condition that the customer provides certification of the transferred media and the cleaning of the pump (decontamination declaration). Rinse the pump with a neutral liquid and pump empty.

Diaphragm liquid pump NF 60, NFB 60 Use KNF Flodos AG BA_NF60_EN_05_069208 Translated from the Original Operating and Installation Instructions 4 All certified diaphragm liquid pumps are clearly marked with “. Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps N 012, N 024, N 036 Technical Data Translation of original Operating and Installation Instructions, english, KNF/20 7 4. Whether you need to transfer or compress media or to generate vacuums, there is a pump type in this category with the right pneumatic characteristics for the task. Each of our durable Dia-Vac® pumps boasts completely oil-free, contamination-free and leak-free sampling capability. Especially for unusual problems.

Diaphragm liquid pump with linear drive FMM 80 Decontamination declaration 11. If either or both of these markings are missing, the. They are dry-running, self-priming and maintenance free, and available with various hydraulic connections. Chemically resistant pumps.

de E-mail: de KNF - the competent partner for vacuum and compressor techno-logy. Page 19 Use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the centre head screw. They are available with options for application requirements related to size, motor, control, voltage, chemical resistance, safety, vibration, noise and temperature resistance. 4 Shutting down the pump in an emergency 36 9. Page 6 Diaphragm and valve plates/sealings are the only parts subject to wear.

N860 Water Pump pdf manual download. Call us and talk to our appli-cation engineers. KNF™ Neuberger LIQUIPORT™ NF Series Diaphragm Liquid Pumps Standard, PVDF Head For convenient transfer and dosing of neutral or corrosive liquids 48. Being part of KNF means being part of an international family. FaxE-mail: View and Download KNF PJ. The elastic diaphragm (4) is moved up and down by the eccentric.

35 CFM), 27 inHg (75 Torr) Single Stage Diaphragm Vacuum Pump 115 VAC here. Temperature-resistant and heated pumps. Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps N 86 _T. 3 Cleaning the pump 38 9. In case of doubt, consult the KNF customer service. Different options are available for application-specific requirements related to size, motor type, control, voltage, chemical resistance, safety, vibration, noise, and temperature resistance.

5APE-B with multi-voltage power supply input (As an option adju-stable with potentiometer or by exter-nal signal input).

Knf diaphragm pump manual

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